Systematically develop future-viable ABAP systems

Clean abap

Alignment, Training, Accountability


Increase Productivity

Clean ABAP trains teams in the art of clean code development, which keeps code correct and evolvable. And this keeps productivity permanently high and reduces stress for all stakeholders.


Achieve Predictability

Clean ABAP teams develop clean code with a systematic approach that enables evidence-based planning decisions. Forecasts about the project progress become traceable, robust and adapt to the flow of events.


Show Reliability

Clean ABAP teams keep their promises. Their principle: Promise like a pro. For them, quality is not only a characteristic of their products, but is also reflected in their cooperation with all stakeholders. They reliably reduce conflicts and increase the satisfaction of all involved.

Our Services

Clean ABAP conducts its intensive training courses exclusively with closed groups in-house.
Working together means learning together.

Alignment Day

Overview of Clean ABAP for better planning and lower costs.
Ideal for management, product owners, requirements engineers, software architects and developers.

Requirements Analysis for Developers

Understand and decompose requirements for iterative incremental development.
Ideal for developers and software architects.

Radical Object-Orientation

Designing and modelling solutions visually in a light-weight and pragmatic way as a team.
Ideal for developers and software architects.

Test-First Coding

Situation-dependent, understandable, testable and traceable correct coding.
Ideal for developers.

Clean ABAP trainings take place exclusively in the form of complementary trainings with two experienced clean code mentors: for higher support density and more lively interactions.

All trainings are very practical/pragmatic, hands-on, done in a relaxed atmosphere and are designed to facilitate the encounter of even very different groups/roles. Java and JavaScript developers in the ABAP environment are just as welcome as the core target group of ABAP developers.

Your CLEAN ABAP Mentors

Ralf Westphal

Ralf Westphal has been a pioneer of the Clean Code Development movement in Germany since 2009 and co-founder of the largest German-speaking discussion forum on the subject with more than 5,000 members (as of 2020). In hundreds of trainings, articles and lectures he has introduced “the art of clean code development” especially to developers from the Java, C#, C++ world. Ralf Westphal is responsible for the concept behind Clean ABAP. His focus are the platform independent virtues, principles, paradigms of clean code development.

Clean Code Development Thought Leader

Damir Majer

Damir Majer is an ABAP expert and was the first non-SAP employee to be accredited as an Agile Software Engineering (ASE) Coach in ABAP and Java. He has been working in the SAP environment since 1998. During this time he has supported numerous projects as software architect, developer, technical manager and coach. His great passion are software engineering, TDD, agile development methods and especially clean code development. His expertise and commitment have been recognized by SAP with the awards SAP Developer Hero, SAP Community Hero and SAP Champion.

ABAP Expert and Clean Code Trainer

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